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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

Who is truly the prettiest of them all.

For it can't be I, because of what I see,

staring back at me.

I look in the Mirror, and suck in my gut,

maybe now I wont be called plump.

Hiding the cuts on my wrist, which, even in disbelief,

were given by non other than me.

Starting with cold stone eyes, at a body never touched by a man

but, I'm still called a slut.

What would it take,

Mirror of mine.

To see the me, My parents dreamed me to be,

instead of the me, of those who don’t give a damn about the real me

I curl up in bed,

telling myself that its all in my head.

But, Mirror, Mirror, so divine,

how could it all be a lie?

If even I, have stopped believing,
that I'm still me inside.
Hey guy this was inspired by a post I saw a while ago on Facebook.

It was about how when teens look in the mirror now-a-days, all they can see is the imperfection that everyone else hates. I've been lucky enough in my life to never have an major bullying issues, but I know that there are many kids out there who kill themselves everyday because of bullying. But despite my luck with little to no bullies in my life, I've still gone through depression, as every teen does. So I know that when people say "just ignore it", and "get over it", that what first comes to mind (or at least what first came to mine) was "how can I? How can you tell me to "get over it" when you couldn't even image what I am going through!?".

Life isn't something you can live for other people. So, people just have to realize what is important to them. I might not know what they're are going through, I might not even be able to fathom the crap they have to deal with; but I do know that if they were to take their own life, people would miss them. Whether its their family, friends, or even a teacher; someone will miss them!

But I'm going somewhere that's off topic..... But what I didn't mention in the rhyme was that the people were wrong!
If you know someone who is being bullied. Just sit with them and tell them that they are beautiful the way they are! Give them a hug, and just keep bugging them tell they get it! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Anyway thanks for reading my rant.
Hope you all have a good day
<3 Aljexi1922
Rin73119 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Wow, life puts you in difficult situations, but it also gives you at least something/someone to pull you out.
This poem was written really well! Keep up the great work!
Aljexi1922 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Thanks! Im glad you like it! And yes it does! I remember a my 5 grade teacher told me that life can only send crap your way for so long, then it gets board and stops.
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August 10, 2014


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